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Name Instructor Course Date Analysis of Animal Farm by George Orwell Animal Farm is perhaps one of the most popular political allegories of all time. The book has received numerous accolades and attracted a wide range of audiences since its publication. Animal Farm is a book that has consistently been reviewed with the aim of understanding its underlying themes and the way they resonate with the governance styles of the modern age. George Orwell, the author of the book, delved into the political trends of the past and those of his time with a precision that is continually receiving accolades from all the major stakeholders of the world today. The current paper analyzes the way the book explains the political and economic events of the Russian Empire, which later changed to be The Soviet Union, and the larger European and global powers of the time described in the book. The book will also analyze the representations that the animal characters in the book depict while also giving explanations the reasons behind Orwell’s characterizations. In the early sections of his book, Orwell describes Manor Farm where animals live happily together with their human owners. Old Major, the boar of the farm, incites other animals to revolt against the leadership of humans in the Manor Farm. Effectively, Old Major teaches other animals the revolutionary songs, including the Beasts of England, which they use to indicate their opposition towards the human leadership. As the days move on, the Old Major dies and two pigs Snowball and Napoleon emerge to take the leadership mantle in the Manor Farm (McHugh). They make it a priority to prepare for the rebellion against the Human

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