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Name Instructor Course Date A Proposal for a Research Paper on Animal Farm Animal Farm is one of the most popular books written by George Orwell, a renowned creative writer who intertwined fiction and reality to express his political opinions in an interesting way. In the book, Orwell describes a farm where people and animals interact in a way that has widely been described to characterize the political and historical trends in the Soviet Union and Europe. Animal Farm represents various issues in the way politics and power are shaping up since the pre-war era to date among the world powers. In this regard, this is a proposal for a paper that will expound on the perception that Animal Farm represents the trends of politics in the Soviet Union and Europe and their foreign relations with the rest of the world. In the paper, I will focus on the way the Manor Farm represents the Soviet Union and other political establishments across the world. Apparently, the farm has all the depictions of what the Soviet Union had become before and after the rise of the leadership of Stalin, as well as other dictatorial regimes across the world. The book also details the differences in the foreign relations of the pre and post-world war European countries, an aspect that the research paper I will be doing will be dealing with extensively. Additionally, the paper I will be writing will be detailing the characterization presented in Orwell's book. Apparently, all the characters, both human, and animal, have unique and clear links to some players in various political, economic and social spectrums of Europe and the world. The paper will delve extensively into the reasons behind the

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