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Student Instructor Course Date An Annotated Bibliography: Animal Farm Clarke, Ben. "George Orwell, Jack Hilton, and the Working Class." The Review of English Studies (2016): hgw014. In the article, Clarke explains the way the work of George Orwell and Jack Hilton depicts the trends of the working class in the different eras in the history of the world. Clarke explains that in the book ‘Animal Farm’, Orwell is able to clearly depict the way the working class population is exploited for the benefit of the political class. Although they put in efforts to build the economy, the working class does not get to feel the benefits of their work. Clarke also notes that Jack Hilton, in his ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’ gives a response to the work of Orwell in a way that indicates the clear class differences that exist between them. The two writers concede that indeed the working class is an important category of characters in the book ‘Animal Farm’. This source is used in the class to illustrate the way the characters used to depict the working class in the ‘Animal Farm’are developed to depict the daily trends in the economy of the world. McHugh, Susan. "Animal farm’s lessons for literary (and) animal studies." Humanimalia: a journal of human/animal interface studies 1.2009 (2009):1. McHugh explains the literary meanings of the animals and individuals that are described in the George Orwell book ‘Animal Farm’. She is able to identify the role of the pig, the donkey, the dog and all the other animals that are described in the novel. In her publication, McHugh is able to link the reality of Josef Stalin’s leadership and differentiate it with the style

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