energy pathways

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Energy Pathways The energy which is utilized by the body is used in the form of ATP. The energy comes from the meals that we eat, but the energy cannot be stored in the body. Therefore, it is required that there have to be a constant supply of the energy in the body. The continuous supply of energy to the body for the normal body activity is referred to as Energy pathway. There are three energy pathways and these are; ATP-CP energy pathway; it is the pathway which is used to supply energy for around 10 seconds. The energy is mostly used for short distance exercises, for instance, that of the 100 meters race. The ATP-CP does not need oxygen to make the energy used. The energy created is also utilized after a few seconds. Anaerobic energy pathway; this type of pathway is where the energy is only manufactured from the carbohydrates; lactic acid is given out as the by-product of the same process (Quinn N.p). The process of energy conversion does not require oxygen. The ATP energy produced only last for few minutes before lactic acid overcomes it by reaching its threshold. The lactic acid results in fatigue and pain of the muscles. Aerobic metabolism pathway; it produces a lot of energy which is used for long-term activities in the body. The conversion of nutrients to energy involves the use of oxygen. The process of conversion depends on the circulatory system since oxygen is transported in the blood hence slower than other processes. Since it supplies energy used for a longer duration activities, it is the one recommended for marathon races exercises. Some of the activities included by the athletes in their

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