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energy conservation and reduces production cost for companies. The waste products produced from the manufacturing process will be reduced through remanufacturing, reusing, and recycling. The sustainability of these products can be attained by replacement of the plastic goods with such eco-friendly merchandise (Maxwell et al. 390). These eco-friendly products are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also sustainable. Also in comparison with the plastic products, they are cheaper for the user and also safe for human consumption (Larsen 7). Works Cited Curran, Mary Ann, ed. Life cycle assessment handbook: a guide for environmentally sustainable products. John Wiley & Sons, 2012:...

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energy conservation and our company ought to keep the pace in a bid to ensure setting the right example to our clients and also to reduce the revenues paid for the energy. On the same note, there has been an observation of water wastage For instance; some taps keep running, even if it is in drops, in the bathrooms. Such extends lead to wastage of water which also sets the wrong example to our clients as much as it also leads to high revenues paid for the commodity. Given the above observations, I would propose that there is a communication to every employee in our esteemed organization directing on the importance and models of conserving energy. It is paramount that every employee understands the...