Energy Auditing

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ENERGY AUDITING By (Name) Class: Professor’s Name: School:City and State:Date: Literature Review Energy auditing is the survey, inspection, and assessment the flows of energy in a building to help come up with a way of conserving the energy in the building. One can also define it as a system or process designed to reduce the energy getting into a system with no adverse effects on the energy outputs of the system. In industrial and commercial real estate, an energy audit is often the first step towards discovering avenues through which carbon footprints and energy expenses and carbon footprints can be reduced. This article reviews the literature around the issue of energy auditing. Home Energy Auditing Home energy auditing is the process by which one assesses the energy efficacy of a house using professional devices like infrared cameras and bowler doors. The aim of home energy auditing is to enhance the energy effectiveness in cooling and heating the building. The energy audit of a home might incorporate noting the different characteristics of a building envelope like the ceilings, walls, floors, skylights, windows, and doors. The people carrying out the process either estimate or measure the heat flow and resistance for each and every one of these components. If there is any leakage or air infiltrating the building envelope, usually because of poor quality door seals or poor window construction, then there is cause for concern. In essence, a home energy audit intends to evaluate the programming, physical condition, and effectiveness of mechanical systems like the air conditioning equipment, heating, thermostat, and ventilation. Home energy auditing might

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