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Name: Instructor: Course: Date:Ending Racism Racism is prejudice against people because of their background or skin color. It started a long ago, where in the Western world the whites were given better jobs than the blacks. Racism was one of the leading causes of slavery, and many anti-slavery activists came up in the early 1800s to advocate for the abolition of racism and slavery. The fight against racism started a long time ago, and it is still ongoing. Many organizations around the world have come out to campaign against racism by supporting equal rights for all. The first move towards ending racism should be letting people know what racism is and its effect on the society. This can be done by forming anti-racist activist groups and organizing peaceful demonstrations in the streets with placards having information about racism. Writing blogs about racism on social media and sharing information on how to end it can also create awareness. Racism has been linked social-economic effects, psychological problem, low self-esteem in the minor community and institutional discrimination. The only solution to these challenges is ending racism. Racism in institutions of learning such as colleges leads to low morale of the teachers and students, poor performance by both parties. Racist behavior can be portrayed through many ways such as verbal abuse, harassment, bullying and denial of promotion or other benefits the institution should offer. Ending racism in such institutions requires that the students to be taught about racism and why it is a bad practice. Strict regulations should be set and implemented to ensure that any act of racism does not go unpunished. The

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