Endangered Species

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Professor's name Student's name Course Date The endangered African Elephant The African elephant is one among several endangered species in the world. It is found in over 37 countries in Africa. The animal has large ears for radiating heat and also prominent trunk and two tasks. It uses the trunk to handle objects including food and also for communication purpose. It is the heaviest and largest beast of the jungle. The African elephant have been endangered for several decades. It started being hunted by poachers for its ivory and meat from the 1970s. Some natives of Africa especially those who lived in the forest and depended mainly on gathering and hunting for food could kill the African elephant. The hunting of this beast though it was the last resort after missing other alternatives to food posed a high risk of these animals diminishing in the ecosystem (Groves et al. 317). Some African natives killed them for its strong skin which could be used for making some cords while others used its various parts of the body for ceremonial activities and rituals. Additionally, the animal species started being endangered in Africa when some native’s especially young men killed them for fun or game and also when it destroyed their farming products and places of residents like huts and shelter. In short, African elephant has been endangered for centuries now. The African elephant has been threatened and killed due to its tusks (Groves et al. 317). The tusks are of great importance both socially and economically. It is used for trophies. It is also used for making merchandise of ivory carving art as well as jewelry due to its great value in the market. The

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