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Case Study on Autism Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Abstract Mark W. is a male child who is nine years old. He is a Black-American child. The child portrays certain core autism features such as being repetitive, communication difficulties as well as social interaction difficulties. The classroom had ten children and only three of that had autism. The other children were relating to each other very well, and they were playing and communicating well with others. Only those that had autism were evident to have social interaction problems. The classroom had only one instructor who was checking all of the students to ensure that they were comfortable. I observed that Mark wanted to play alone with his toys without the presence of other children. He also had difficulty in communicating since teachers did not understand. I also observed that the boy would also keep repeating phrases The potential implication for the study that was conducted is that the case can serve as the basis for other studies that will be conducted on the issue of autism in individuals. Additionally, interventions tested can be tried further to ascertain their effectiveness. . Introduction Mark W is a nine-year-old boy who has been suffering from autism since he was born. This boy was disowned by his parents when they realized that the child had the disease. He has been brought up in a foster home where some well-wishers take care of him and other children who have also been abandoned by their parents or even orphan. Mark has been receiving medical care that would help in managing the disease. Mark does not have playing mates since he

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