Employment of Violence

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Employment of Violence Violence is the application of physical power or might, real or threatened against an individual, oneself, or against a society that causes or can potentially cause harm, deprivation, injury or psychological damage. It entails the infliction of harm on people or possessions thus it necessitates the need for justification. Different individuals and organizations use violent approaches for various reasons some of which tend to defend themselves by citing the overall act as justified. Throughout history, it is evident that acts of violence have been employed in various circumstances and societies by individuals and institutions at large. The contemporary world is not different either in that there is a continued occurrence of such instances where the use of violence is eminent including, homes, workplaces, and governments at large. More evidently is how political powers in various countries apply force for a seemingly logical course, or so they claim, that generally and ultimately affect the victims in one way or the other. This paper identifies situations in which there needs to be an employment of physical force to protect abstract principles or to protect moral agents. Additionally, this work determines whether the use of physical power is necessary for protecting moral patients. Situations whereby Violence is Acceptable to Protect Abstract Ideals and Moral Agents The matter of justifications for force employment among typical philosophies and political concepts among a majority of states around the world traditionally emphasize on political aggression. Political aggression or violence involves activities and approaches to violence either

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