Employeesand handling office supplies

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Student’s Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Employees and Office Supplies Etiquette Employees in the course of doing their work, tend to go home with some office supplies. This may be accidentally or intentionally pocketing such supplies. The action of going home with a couple of items like sticky notepads and other stationery is not something the organization can prosecute an individual for. The HR manager should be careful when they raise this particular issue because it borders on the optimum performance of the employees. Additionally, small items like pens, pads and other stationery may be small in terms of the cash figures of expense, but over time it becomes so significant because losses amount to huge amounts of money that the given companies or organizations could avoid by employees exercising their bit of due diligence and upholding work ethics. Stealing is stealing, whether big or small (Our Buggy Moral Code | Dan Ariely n.p). There are some ways to deal with this issue. The first would be to put all supplies under lock and key. The office manager in charge of securing the inventory can set up a supplies room where any inventory or office tools and supplies going out can be accounted for by having a systematic way of recording. Storing such items will reduce the chance of any individual walking away with any of the supplies because they are removed from their presence, and the system of recording will allow accountability to be present in such an instance (Our Buggy Moral Code | Dan Ariely n.p). In conclusion, it is totally unacceptable and unethical for an employee to carry office equipment home. They are meant to be used at the office unless there

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