Employee Selection Process

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Employee Selection Process Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Introduction The selection process entails the various stages involved in choosing the personnel with the skill and qualifications that match the job description in the job vacancy therein. Usually, most people think that the human resource management is responsible for selection and hiring process (Hollenbeck, Noe, Gerhart, and Wright, 2017). However, the responsibility is confined to the managers and the supervisors. The human resource management gives direction and guidance to the managers instead. The selection process is a continuous task for most companies. The process is monotonous, yet it appears to be a challenging task. It requires great diligence and care as a wrong choice of an employee can be a cost to the firm. Therefore, the management should approach the selection process in step to step manner to avoid any vulnerability that may occur. In this case, the paper aims at analyzing the various steps involved in employee selection. The process entails screening the candidate applications and resumes, testing and reviewing work samples, interviewing candidates, checking references and background, and finally making a selection. Screening applications and resumes In most cases, the employer receives a hundred of resumes from various applicants. It may be challenging task to identify the most appropriate employee. For instance, sometimes some of the applicants have higher qualifications exceeding the job requirements while others may lack the qualifications (Hollenbeck, et al, 2017). The employer must determine the number of applicants required for the interview. Screening involves

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