Employee Motivation

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Employee Motivation Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Employee Motivation The management of any institution must motivate the employees so that they are highly productive. The employees are the heartbeat of any company as they are actively involved in the execution of the duties that the institution does. There has been the development of various theories and models by many philosophers that are aimed at studying the employees’ behaviors and applying corrective action based on the findings of the research. All these models are meant to make employees more comfortable and eventually highly productive to the company. A leadership model can merge different theories that were advanced by past philosophers on the topic. Some of the models that when applied in unity will bring positive changes in understanding and rectifying the behavior of employees include: Utilitarianism This is a theory that was advanced by John Stuart Mill. Mill proposed that it is possible to determine if an action is morally upright by studying its result. In his explanation of utilitarianism, Mill suggested that all actions have the intended ending that takes two dimensions. These are more pleasure or more pain. He further advances that actions are considered right if they lead to happiness and wrong if they bring some pain. According to the utilitarianism theory, employees will do actions that they deem good if only the deeds bring them happiness and satisfaction (McShane & Von Glinow, 2013). It is for this reason that you will find tasks that are more pleasing and less tedious are preferred to those which are long and troublesome. Anyone will avoid engaging in an activity that

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