emotional and mood

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Emotion and Mood Name: Institution: Date: Emotion and Mood Human beings experience various emotions at different times. However, it is how people deal with their emotions that may determine the outcome of a situation. For a long time, employees were not supposed to express their emotions in the places of business or employment. This measure was not due to the ignorance of the management about the emotional changes of their employees but rather the assumption that doing so would be unprofessional and also negatively affect the employee’s productivity. However, what the administration failed to understand is that by enforcing a particular code of conduct without consideration, they were only subjecting their employees to emotional labor (Judge, 2016). Besides, what the employers perceived as effectiveness as a result of their measures was simply employee dissonance, and thus their efforts towards productivity may not even be genuine. According to the Affective Events Theory, whether acknowledged or not, the emotional status of the employees affects their productivity (Judge, 2016). Also, emotions can usually be linked to a particular event or cause. Therefore, emotions, especially if negative can be changed or neutralized by addressing their cause of origin. Concerning the preceding statement, employees can be assisted achieve more productivity if the employers or the administration created a work environment that is motivational and supportive thus making the employees feel that they are cared for. On the other hand, standards should also be maintained in the place of work. For instance, employee mood swings that may affect productivity should not be tolerated.

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