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Emma The paper has three sources, which shows that the content in the paper is well researched. All the definitions in the paper have been cited correctly and as per their relevant sources. However, the definitions have been referred to the cited sources. Although the Paper has been cited adequately, some points need Citation, especially on the definition of religion. However, the definitions on both Republican and Democratic parties are not vividly described since most of the information is about the history of the parties. The paper is composed of exquisite explanations and examples about the topics, and they are easy to understand by any person who is looking for information on the subject. What I can advocate most is the provision of brief definition that contains only relevant information that can be understood by any person. The definitions should base more on the definition of the terms rather than the history of the terms. Bill The paper has seven sources at the end of the paper, which is a good number of sources to compose a good research paper. Despite the definitions being extracted from the sources provided, the writer did not submit the descriptions with the appropriate sources where the information was specifically derived. The information presented in the paper seems to have been sourced directly from the research material, and it has not been paraphrased. Most of the information in the paper, such as the statistics used in the paper were extracted from the source but have not been cited adequately. However, the writer has defined the terms in a vivid manner with further explanations and examples about the terms, thus making a reader to understand the

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