Emergency Preparedness

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Emergency Preparedness Preparedness actions aid individuals in dealing with threats of all kinds more efficiently when they occur. The primary mission of readiness is to reinforce as well as maintain the nation’s health stability to protect lives against common health dangers. The main types of hazards include biological events and chemical events. Natural phenomena, radiological events, and explosions events can also be considered as hazardous incidents. There are three steps to all hazards preparedness, and they include getting a kit, making a plan and being informed. Primarily one should take a moment and list items you could require and gather them. The supplies for all emergencies are day supply of non-perishable food, health supplies, personal care supplies, extra cash and relevant documents. Consider the needs of all loved ones. Moreover, the items should be ready to use (CDC). The emergency may strike when everyone is busy or away, so ample time should be taken to plan how to contact one another. Then one should fill out the communication plan to ensure you and your loved ones know what to do during an emergency. The categories of emergencies are probable in your environment should be determined. While making a family disaster plan, one needs to find the safe spots at home, and choose multiple meeting places (CDC). Further, one should determine the ideal escape routes from your home. Notably, disaster plans should be mastered through running drills with the whole family. Additionally, staying up to date on the most current information available is essential. Check with your local emergency management agency to find

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