Emergency Preparedness Drill

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Name: Instructor's name: Course: Date: Emergency Preparedness Drill The practical response plan should aim at not only saving lives but also minimising property damage. Also, the safety plan should prioritise necessary actions, identify potential hazards, specify procedures, determine the required resources and streamline communication (Tingsanchali 27). Due to overpopulation, intensive economic activities, and overcrowded housing in the city of Mertzville, the economic, environmental and psychosocial damages caused by large-scale flooding would be tremendous. A comprehensive approach is therefore required to mitigate the unexpected flooding and reduces the subsequent losses. After the notification from the Mayor, the incident commander should quickly convene his team (the safety officer, public information officer and liaisons officer) and brief them on the present situation. The team prepares and rush to do the initial assessment. During the assessment phase, details about the possible cause, the severity of the situation, the area covered and people at risk are gathered. Information gathered guides on appropriate interventions(Tingsanchali 31) Because the flooding in the city of Mertzville had covered a large area, caused economic and health hazard, the response team will have to institute the next course of action. Public notification through the media and any other method must be done. After notifying the public, evacuation will start. For efficient removal of the victims, different units such as the communication unit, ground support unit, medical unit, and air operations unit should coordinate. The ground support unit should take precautions such as

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