Emergency management

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Emergency Management Student’s Name Institution The Iowa community that is located in the city of West Des Moines is commonly affected by flood disaster that destabilizes human activities in the area. As the emergency manager, I have established strategies to counter the effect of floods such as loss of homes, properties and lives. The mayor and the county council, however, believe the emergency management team should use more resources and update the existing strategies. The mitigation efforts such as recovery, planning, prevention, preparedness, response and mitigation are being applied in managing floods in Iowa community (The BCEM, 2016). Discussing the current preparedness of the community in handling the flooding disaster will enable me, the mayor and county council to reach a common ground. The emergency management team has implemented the following strategies in dealing with the Iowa flooding disaster; the council initiated the program of educating citizens on survival techniques after the 2008 floods (Charis-Carlson, 2016). The skills in this education involve swimming and avoiding regions that are likely to flood. Water storage reserves have been constructed in the area to store excess water during rainy seasons thus minimize chances of overflowing. Dense walls have been constructed along water bodies that are likely to overflow. The county council has also restored some rivers to their initial flow direction that contains meanders to increase the distance of travel for the water thus minimize the chances of flooding. More trees have been planted along river banks to help in reducing the flood force and prevent it from damaging the barrier

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