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Author Tutor Course Date. Element and Content Analysis on Silver Linings Playbook. Silver Linings Playbook is a film that revolves around the lives of two characters who have mental illnesses. Pat Solitano, the main character suffers from a bipolar disorder. His life falls into shambles after he viciously beat his ex-wife’s lover after catching them cheating in the showers. After that, he is confined in a mental hospital for eight months. The therapist scene uses an informal realistic text in the form of a dialogue between Pat and his Therapist, Mr. Patel who walks with him in the recovery journey. Pat later meets Tiffany, a widow with her problems and together they try to find a silver lining in their already broken lives. Using convention from genres of romantic comedy and drama such as pathos, lighting and sound, David O Rusell, the director, expresses the seriousness of mental illnesses in a semi-dysfunctional love story. The intended purpose of this particular scene is to demonstrate different features of someone who is suffering from bipolar disorder. Pat is in the psychiatrist office trying to explain what happened in the bathroom when he found his wife cheating with the history teacher. The audience can note a few symptoms that are associated with the disorder. The audience learns that Pat went home early that day because he got into a fight with the principal. It is one common symptom among bipolar disorder patients; they are easily agitated and end up fighting with those who are close to them. Another sign that is clear in this scene is that people with bipolar talk fast about a lot of different things. The scene has a fast-paced tempo and plays

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