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Electronic Healthcare Name Institution Electronic Healthcare Electronic medical records (EMR) is the process of digitalizing clinical records that is dependent on computer applications. The records include treatment and medical history of patients within a single practice. That is, it allows clinicians to track patients’ pertinent data as time goes by, identifies when patients are due for visits, checks how patient care is progressing and improves health care services provision. In essence, EMR makes patients’ records keeping more efficient, comprehensive, accurate and easier to conduct. To accomplish its objectives, EMR utilizes specialized software that allows for electronic data entry, storage and archiving for easy retrieval (Malloch & Porter-O’Grady, 2010). Therefore, EMR is a digital system for managing clinical records. Despite EMR being touted as a revolutionary technology that eliminates the more cumbersome paper-based record keeping, it presents some deficiencies and challenges. Firstly, there is increased provider time since clinicians spend considerable time entering data and validating them. Secondly, there is a lack of standardization for data exchange that makes it difficult to shift records between different health facilities. This is because each facility adopts a system that best serves their needs and is unique to them. Thirdly, it presents a security and confidentiality threat since the records can be hacked (Carrol, 2011). An example of this threat has been seen after the 2016 Olympics when hackers accessed the athletes’ private medical records and posted the sensitive data on the internet. Finally, inability to develop

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