Election Case Study- Virginia’s 4th Congressional District (VA -04)

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Election Case Study: Virginia's 4th Congressional District (VA -04) Student Name Date Abstract Virginia's 4th Congressional District is a United States Congressional region that is situated in the state of Virginia. This district was redrawn as a result of a ruling that indicated that the state maps previously in use were unconstitutional. Both the fourth and the third were redrawn when the court ruled that the Legislature had illegally packed African American voters into the third District with the aim to strengthen the Republican Political Party within the surrounding districts. In preparation for the recently concluded elections, the district prepared through two primary steps. First involved the filling of the candidate deadline followed by the primary elections. Primary elections are where voters registered select a candidate they who faith should be the candidate for a political party in the general elections. This is one way used to select both the convention and the party delegates. The two principals in the ballot were the Republican’s Mike Wade and the Democrat’s Donald McEachin. Both parties in this district held a primary where they determined the two individuals above who run for office in the general elections. This essay evaluates the performance of each person’s lives and the outcomes of the general election. Election Case Study: Virginia's 4th Congressional District (VA -04) Question One: Background and Experience of the Major Candidates Donald McEachin Donald was born on October 10th, 1961 in Germany. He was raised in Richmond and attended St. Christopher’s School in his childhood and later joined the American University where he

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