Elderly in the Community

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Promoting the Health Promotion for the Elderly in the Community Student’s Name Institution Course Instructor’s Name Date Promoting the Health Promotion for the Elderly in the Community Health Promotion Program The aim of the program is to promote the health promotion in regards to the chronic disease self-management. The program will involve a two-month workshop created due to the previous success achieved. The workshop is structured for the elderly people with one or more progressive diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, depression, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and HIV/AIDS, stroke, and lung disease (Harris, 2012). The program will be financed by the management of Aging’s Empowering Elder People and older People with Disabilities via progressive disease self-management training programs. The services systems will be conducted across the nation, including the rural regions, following the attainment of the grantees financed by the federal agencies and other initiatives. Further, the elder people will be reached via the help of the churches, community heads, professionals, volunteers, and community centers. The program is a two-month workshop with 3.5-hour interactive meeting spearheaded by a couple of qualified, peer organizers, at least an individual with a progressive disease (Harris, 2012). One of the services offered in the program will be skill-creation associated with problem-solving, tackling difficult feelings, and interacting effectively with friends, family, and healthcare providers. Again, the program will provide the health strategies associated with healthy diet, safe exercise, and physical activities, and manage fatigue and pain,

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