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Author’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Elbow Outline What is the most common complication after elbow trauma? How does it affect functional activities? Stiffness has been noted to be the most common complication of elbow trauma. The stiffness of the elbow affects functional activities by inhibiting mobility and stability. In order to withstand the forces associated with daily activities, the elbow is supposed to be not only mobile but stable as well. Define “Carrying Angle”. The carrying angle also is known as the valgus angle that occurs when the elbow is fully extended. This occurs because the trochlea of the humerus is at an angled orientation. Radiography measurements average the carrying angle in adults at 17.8%. Label the three components (Anterior Bundle, Posterior Bundle, and Transverse Ligament) of the medial collateral ligament of the elbow on the picture below. 918844116205 7759694705358045459905900 Anterior Bundle Posterior Bundle Transverse Ligament The Medial/Ulnar Collateral Ligament resists against ___Valgus___ forces. The Lateral/Radial Collateral Ligament resists against _____Varus____ forces. Pg. 258-Clinical PearlDescribe patient symptoms when they have excessive pressure at the cubital tunnel of the elbow? When patients have excessive pressure at the cubital tunnels, the small finger experiences tingling and numbness, similar symptoms may be experienced on the ulnar aspect of the ring finger. Grip weakness is also another noted symptom. The ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel is the nerve involved (Cooper 258). Pg. 258 What is the most common bone that is fractured in the Elbow? ____Radial head___ Pg.

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