eight stages in Kotter’s Leading Change book

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KOTTER'S EIGHT STAGES OF CHANGE AS SUPPORTED BY IVANCEVICH Name Professor Institution Course Date Kotter's Eight Stages of Change as Supported by Ivancevich An organization structure is a pattern of how its jobs and people are arranged. The structure can be illustrated by use of charts. On the other hand, business behavior is how the organization reacts to different circumstances that surround it. The culture is the goals and visions and objectives of a firm. Also, there is also the organizational environment. This is the surrounding of a concern that influences its reaction to the different situations that it may face. The environment may constitute of the clients and the customers. There is also the internal environment. In this environment, the business can control what is happening through policies instituted by top management. There are two types of changes that a business can initiate. These are surface changes and transformational changes. These changes are only initiated when the company needs a complete reformation to survive an economic slump CITATION Bra07 l 1033 (Olson & Parayitam, 2007). Error 1: Allowing too much complacency For success in changing an organization to be effective then all persons in an organization should be on the same page. This deals mostly with leadership and how the leadership prepares its personnel for a change. An error made by most leaders is that they have a vision and a plan on how to achieve the goals. Their problem is that they do not create that sense of urgency among the staff. They effect change with the mentality that the other people will pick up on their urgency and a sense of purpose. This is however not

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