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Functions and Advantages of Electronic Health Records Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Functions and Advantages of Using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) EHRs have several functions and advantages to the doctors. Among these functions and advantages include; Functions They enhance information accessibility: through the EHRs, the patients' medical data are accessible when and at any place required (Bell & Thornton, 2011). For example, the doctor shall access these data at anytime he requires and enable him to make informed judgments about patient’s healthcare. They are the basis for medical quality advancements: Dependable access to comprehensive patient data is vital for secure as well as efficient care provision (Bell & Thornton, 2011). EHRs put correct and detailed data concerning patient’s healthcare as well as health record at the doctor’s fingertips. Therefore, through EHRs, the doctor shall provide the finest possible treatment. This results in an enhanced patient encounter and good patient treatment results. For example, some doctors explain that they use data from the EHRs to follow-up patient treatment and ease quality enhancement dialogues at clinical appointments. They support caregiver decision-making: EHRs assist the caregivers in making competent and informed judgments regarding patient treatment since they enhance aggregation, analysis, as well as transmission of patient data. Advantages EHRs leads to better patient treatment: They might enhance the quality of health treatment and make treatment very convenient for the doctor as well as the patients (Kern et al., 2013). It attains these by; allowing fast retrieval of

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