Egyptian Civilization

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Egyptian Civilization Egypt is among the countries that are in association with early civilization. Egyptian culture denotes the civilization of the ancient Northeastern part of Africa. The civilization has much connection with agrarian revolution and development of the spiritualistic organization of the people. There is also the much linkage of the civilization with the Nile River. The Nile River played a great role in the Egyptian culture. This river enabled the people to grow adequate food which was necessary for their well-being, (Cengage, 17. There was also fishing along the shores of the river. The Nile River also provided water which was essential for carrying out developments such as construction. The spiritual life I the Ancient Egypt civilization was inseparable from the other elements of the life of the people. There was an inclusion of religious aspects in the daily living of the society from waking up, taking daily chores to sleeping. It is from these spheres that the Egyptians did not have a word specifically depicting religion. The pyramids in Egypt were made from heavy stones because they were symbolizing the majesty of the king, (Cengage, 20) One could see the pyramids from far hence experiencing the presence of the pharaoh who was a representative of God. For a long time, there had been unsuccessful attempts to oust the Hykos from Egypt. Pharaoh Ahmos 1 managed to expel them hence expanding the dynasty. There was the development of a professional army for defense. There was also an extension of the empire following engagement in political policies and sophisticated diplomacy. Akhenaten was the Amenhotep 1v. He brought upheaval in the religious realms of

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