Effects of Sexual Assault

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The Effects of Sexual Assault on Sexual Assault Victims Name Institutional Affiliation 2016 Introduction Quinn (2005) contends that sexual assault falls among the leading types of gender-based violence, discrimination, and segregation. Although the world has made substantial achievements in the fight of all forms of gender-based violence, cases of sexual assault are still recurring not only in the developing but also the developed countries. Canada provides a primary example of a country that is still facing challenges associated with different forms of sexual assault both at the workplace and in real life situations (Sawa& Ward, 2015). Seemingly, efforts enforced at the local, state and global level are proving to be less effective in attaining the desired goals. Advocates of these endeavors acknowledge their substantial achievements and show a strong belief that their continuous implementation will be successful fruits as expected in the future. However, system critiques cite poor execution and lack of sufficient commitment among policy informant teams as the primary challenge (Holcomb & Holcomb, 2011). This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the effects of sexual assault on the sexual assault victims. The paper lays a great focus on this topical issue by providing an overview of the worldwide and Canadian statistics regarding sexual assault accompanied by date rape and cases of campus sexual assault. Statistics Regarding Sexual Assault in Canada and the Entire World Bryant-Davis (2011) recognizes that sexual assault impacts the life of everyone in the society both directly and indirectly. Global statistics indicate

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