Effects of Playing Video Games on the Brain

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Abstract The advancements in technology have facilitated great and unique innovations in various fields that affect the mental ability of an individual directly. The invention of video games has created diverse opinions, views and opinions among different people, bodies, and organizations basing their effects on the brain. Over the past few decades, video games have received much criticism, speculations and unbiased opinions just like television, rock and roll programs. Currently, the media reports on the adverse effects associated with video games such as addiction, aggression and physical health conditions such as the obesity. In this paper, I will be reporting on the various effects that playing video games has to an individual’s brain. The approach in this paper adopts the establishment of both positive and adverse effects associated with playing video games. It aims at explaining the improvement in perception, attention, and cognition among the players as a result of video games. This era of technological advancements has seen to it that various video games have been invented, each representing a different theme in the current society. The days when race cars were the only dominant video games are behind us, and more games have been invented, with 89% of the video games found to contain violent content (Kirsh, 2003). In this study, I shall explain the effect that video games have in the brains of those who play them. It is an interesting debate as most parents tend to defend their children saying that video games help in the mental growth of a child and develops their creative thinking abilities while psychologists claim that video games have adverse effects on

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