Effects of News Media Assignment Options

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Effects of News Media Assignment Option Student’s Name Institution Introduction News media impacts the society heavily, both actively and passively. The information they relay and how they relay is a great determinant of how the recipients behave. Humans obtain knowledge by visual means, audio, in written format and many more. Therefore, social media, televisions, radio stations, in their different measures, depending on the magnitude of their audience take part in molding the shape of our society. The reasoning of a people about issues, influence on political views, and even the quality of the value system of citizens can be attributed to information obtained from the news media. They thus should be keen on what information they deliver, ensuring they give fair and correct information (Fico & Soffin 1995). Social responsibility of information media The information media vastly determines the social welfare of a community. The information they relay influences a people’s way of viewing issues. They additionally impact the value system of a society. The way social evils and charitable acts are delivered to a community via media influences their reaction toward the same. Day to day issues, for instance, health-related, can be improved or deteriorated by the media. They can improve them by increasing awareness about them. By doing so, they sensitize the citizens on taking the necessary precautions to alleviate them from such. However, if they act oblivious to them, lack of knowledge by the public can be very hazardous (Fico & Soffin 1995). Thus the media have the responsibility of minimizing ignorance of the public. Matters pertaining the values a

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