Effects of Health Care Services

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Health care providers serve patients with different types of diseases; it is their job to ensure we receive the best medical care without any added risks. Some of the common problems that patients face may include; medication error, hospital acquired infections, pneumonia, anesthesia complications among others. This article has been created to show how health care providers could do to better or reduce the risk of effects of health care. Medication error is one of the riskiest effects. Any slight miscalculation would result in a life-threatening condition. In 2006, the Institute of Medicine recorded four hundred and fifty thousand injuries and perhaps many more cases which were unreported. Doctors and other health practitioners should be extra careful when giving out drugs, and proper diagnosis of the ailment should be conducted to ensure no further risks to their health. Hospital acquired infections is another top hospital risk. The hospitals are filled with many bugs, bacteria, and viruses. The Centre for Disease Control recorded close to two million infections every year, ranging from surgical wounds, urinary tract infections lungs, and blood. To control these diseases one should ask for antibiotics before and after the surgery and especially during surgery one should not allow people to touch them if they have not washed their hands. Anesthesia complications are rare although some people are allergic to certain kinds of anesthesia. The health practitioners should look into your family medical history and also carry out proper examinations of the patient to ensure that the anesthesia will not react negatively to their health. In recent past, doctors are encouraging

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