Effects of EHR on HIM in the last 3 years

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The Effect of EHRs on the Functions of HIM Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The emergence of Electronic Health Records brought many changes to the general system of health care. One of the areas it directly influenced was the Health Information Management (HIM) as both of them dealt with data. In this paper, the author will outline the impact of EHRs on the Functions of HIM by reviewing a set of well-researched five sources. It focuses on both the positive and negative effects of EHRs. Keywords: EHRs, HIMs, Impacts, Negative, Positive Engelbrecht, R., & Nicholson, L. (2015). Methods for Better Health: Big Data, Personal Health and More. International Journal on Biomedicine and Healthcare, 45–51. Application Health Information Management or HIM refers to the practice of caring and maintaining health records by both electrical and paper-based (traditional) means. The latter, however, makes effective sharing of information almost impossible, making Electronic Health Records (EHRs) a must-have feature of the HIM functions. One of the ways through which EHRs assist the Health Information Managers is that it provides the tools for big data analytics. With the significance, variety and volume of data in health organizations growing from time to time, it is crucial that that Health Information Managers have a proper understanding of big data to know how to synthesize relevant information as well as analyzing it. With EHRs management of data becomes easierCITATION Rol15 p 45 l 1033 (Engelbrecht & Nicholson, 2015, p. 45). With the help of this material, Health Information Managers can learn how to handle big data. Blackford

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