Effects of early Montessori education on later high school performance

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Effects of Early Montessori Education on Later High School Performance Name Institution Abstract Montessori education was introduced by Maria Montessori in 1907. The system of education has been in place for the more than one century period and has been tested across different cultures and proved to work. The education which focuses on bringing out the personality of the learner does not only foster the intellectual development but more so social and physical developments. It works by scientific observations, which are then analyzed and used by the teacher to create a specific curriculum for each child. The method of education has different effects on the performance of the students in secondary schools. The students who passed through Montessori education in their childhood schooling are found to perform better in mathematics and sciences, disciplines which are believed to require more thinking than interaction. However, compared to other students who passed through schools not employing Montessori education in, languages. A few challenges though still face the education system. However, some governments in different states are working to incorporate the education in the junior schools as well as high schools. The education which was intended for children with disability being found working better is now made intended to be used for all children in high schools. Effects of Early Montessori Education on Later High School Performance Montessori education is a type of special education that is described as child-centred education, which was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who is an Italian doctor. According to American Montessori Society (2016),

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