Effective Communication Skills is Important in Life

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Effective Communication Skills is Important in Life Many factors influence academic success to both kids and high school students. The concept of attitudes, engagement, motivation and goal settings are paramount in any kid’s education success (Ifill-lynch and Darling, 2006). Therefore, Support School Environment is a programmed based on influencing emotional, social and ethical development in various students. For instance, this is achieved through principled leadership system, strategic decision-making processes, law based on tracking or grading, the faculty teaching students on discipline methods, the incorporation of parents in the planning of their kid's study and the school reviewing the values and goal of each student (Oregon Department of Education, 2000). Therefore, this project will assist parents, teachers, and students on better ways of facilitating practical understanding. Additionally, this project ensures that the teacher or parent use a fair system of punishing and rewarding students. Secondly, student`s participation in the classroom is facilitated through planning and decision-making process. Lastly, offering students a chance to socialize can influence teamwork spirits that is one of the concepts in supportive school environment project (Schaps, 2016). Keywords: education, kids, children, discipline and teachers Supportive School Environment Project Specific Purpose A. Supportive School Environment is a project based on ensuring that student`s emotional, socialization ability and ethical well-being care for while they pursuit their respective education. Central Idea A. At the end of the presentation, the audience will agree that Supportive School

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