Edward Hopper

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Edward Hopper Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction In authentic learning, one may come across a figure about whom they would want to know more. In my learning, I have wanted to know much about Edward Hopper. The curiosity has propelled me to search in different areas so as to gather much information about the artist and his work. There has been an exploration of peer-reviewed articles as well as internet sites to amass the right knowledge. The site that proved most useful was the Ebsco online library. This site provided various books covering the works of Edward Hopper. The resultant work is what is in this paper. There has been the discovery of some of his fascinating paintings and paint works which happen to be very much impressive. Biography Edward Hopper was born in America in the year 1882. His parents were Elizabeth and Smith and were of Dutch origin. He was born in a family of two, in an economically stable family. I found this realization intriguing because; most of the people who made history happen to have come from humble backgrounds which translate to poor socioeconomic status. He grew up to be a prominent painter and a realist paint maker. What propelled him most to the limelight were his three categories of paintings which included oil paintings, water coloring as well as color making in etching, (French, 2016). However, among the three types, the oil paintings were the most fascinating. Edward Hopper did not restrict his work of art in one place He operated from both the rural and urban setting providing works reflecting the two settings. However, there is the realization that; there was a glaring vision in his work. The

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