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Name Teacher’s name Course Date Education Montessori Method A major goal of the Montessori education system is to advocate for a toddler's natural inclination in learning. The teachers have the responsibility of providing guidance as opposed to instructions. This factor ensures that the child is linked to the activities that cater for their interests, unique needs as well as development pace ("Montessori Education - Child-Centered Education | American Montessori Society"). There exists an interest in humanity whereby one may want the educator to share an intimate relationship between the observer and the one who is being observed. In other words, a relationship is founded between the student and the factor that they are studying. For this method to become successful, the student must have some self-sacrifice. The Montessori Method caters for the inner spirit of the child. The freedom of one's spirit is emphasized upon from a religious point of view. An example is to consider a personal attitude of a teacher who has studied sciences in botany and zoology. This means that traveling to places to study certain aspects in their natural environment has been carried out. After the survey of the aspects, further studies are conducted by the use of a microscope and other lab appliances to cater for the molecular aspects of the phenomena. The logical results of a material application of scientific methods to decadent schools play a critical role. Combining spinal curvatures amongst the pupils alters the kind of work that they may produce which therefore ensures that they are obliged to stay in given positions only for the needed amount of time. The method is liberal

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