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Education Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date submitted: Human Developmental Theories For a long time, several people have formulated their theories about life. Some try to explain the unknowns about human life while others describe the overall universe. The likes of Charles Darwin, Freud, Erikson, and others, left great history through their theories. One of the exciting Theorist presented by Blewitt and Broderick is Jean Piaget. He borrowed his cognitive theory of development from the thoughts of Jean Jacques who elaborated that children mode of reasoning develops naturally in stages; this is boosted by the parents and educators who provide the necessary guidance and encouraging environment through guidance. Piaget outlined some stages where vital events occur in the brains of a child. He listed his stages as Sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operational and formal operational (Chilton, 2014). He vividly explains that a child at infant stages does not possess the ability to think logically, but his or her thoughts are a result of the feelings. This theory appears real in life. It explains the need for guidance from one point to another. Going to school from the early stages of development supports the message put across by this theory. Unless one goes to school and receives the necessary advice, it is believed he or she would not be able to execute the demands of life, particularly communication. Taking an example where people have to learn a second language for instance; it won't be possible if guidance is not provided (Quiros, 2015). Like-wise, in public speaking a person must get the necessary direction and practice from different people who have

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