Education Research Methods

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Research involves a rigorous and systematic evaluation of the subject under study. In education, it includes the characteristic of problem-solving, gathering data from both the primary and first-hand sources, and accurate observation and description. Research involves an observable experience and empirical evidence. As a discipline, it emphasizes on the development of some generalized principles and theories aiming to assist in predicting the outcome of the events or serve as the control. As a constituent of research, the use of set objectives directs the method of performing the research and also governs the achievement of the fair solution towards a problem. About the approaches to educational research, two main methods are standard, which include the basic and applied approach. In basic, the focus is the educational theory whose affiliation rests with the academic institutions. Comparatively, the focus of applied research is identifying solutions to problems through gathering information. The research is characterized by the use of scientific method as the basis for the study. The structure of the process involves answering questions and writing hypothesis whose approval requires data either qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative Research The qualitative research utilizes data of a graphic nature. The appropriate tool for conducting this type of the investigation observations, interviews, document analysis and the analysis of participant products including journals, blogs, magazines, and diaries. According to Bagnoli, Interviews are a standard method of data collection, especially in qualitative research. The use of interviews relies on language as the privileged

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