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Education (Institutional Affiliation) (Author’s Name) (Date) Data Analysis and Conclusion The researcher acting as an instrument in a qualitative study can best ensure that the data analysis and conclusion are trustworthy by observing the iteration process also known as the constant comparative method. The proper data analysis requires planning, time and precision. In the constant comparative method, the researcher collects data from a specific field, analyses it for certain patterns, then goes back to the same field to collect the same sample, and analyses it again, however, the second time a more detailed analysis (Leedy, Newby, & Ertmer, 2005). The researcher observes the second sample for similar patterns, contradictions and clarity. The iteration process can be done several times, and ensures that the data is analyzed comprehensively. Once the data found on the samples which have been collected by the five main study method: case study, ethnographic, phenomenological studies, grounded theory studies and content analysis is accurately analyzed, the conclusion drawn is also accurate and trustworthy, and lacks any biasness. Current Graduate Student The section under “current graduate student” has five forms which act a guidance for the students on their course and research. The forms are of various nature and include: Course of study form, substitution form, Graduate committee and Option approval form, Thesis regulation document, and Name, gender or social security number change form. The course of study form shows the list of all courses that a student will take during the master’s degree. The student is required to file the course of study form

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