Ecosystem Capital

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These are the natural resources that all humans have a dependence on to survive. Moreover, the natural resources have to be catered for by the ecosystem they live in and are active economically. Examples of such resources include oil for production, the natural water, plants, animals, fungus and herbs. Tragedy of commons This occurs through sharing and allocation of common resource amongst individuals who exploit it to the levels or amounts that result in demand overwhelming supply hence the given shared resource becomes depleted due to overusing using for one’s self-gain in the short run. Examples include the Grand Banks fisheries where the population of code fish was drastically reduced, and the fishing industries collapsed due to excessive overfishing. Another example is the exponential growth in the world population where the world has grown to up to seven billion people who need to share the limited resources that planet earth has to offer. Lastly are the ocean garbage gyres where due to no jurisdiction in the ocean and common sharing, the ocean is being polluted by dumping waste into the many oceans of the world ("Ten Real-Life Examples of the Tragedy of the Commons - Dummies"). What has brought us to view nature as merely a resource to satisfy our wants and needs? Culture and religion have brought humans to believe that the existing natural resources were placed in nature strictly for the satisfaction of human wants. In this regard, if such resources are not utilized, then they cannot exist. This is Biblically scripted in the book of Genesis 1: 28, NIV, where it says “God blessed them and said to them,” Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and

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