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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date of Submission Answers to Select Economics Questions Question One Human Resource Manager’s roles are changing in response to the advanced technology. Most of their works have become digitized, and they are now focusing on more strategic duties. Technology has simplified the HR work that most duties are just performed by a single keystroke. In the near future, the traditional roles of the HR will be performed by artificial intelligence (Parry & Emma 25). The sit-down interviewing process will vanish with time as the selection process will mainly happen online. This will see the HR shift to working hand in hand with the top management in driving the company forward. Question Three Newspaper Reporter Application forms, interviews, and references may be used during selection. Application forms may be used when the employer intends to train the applicants. Interviews assess their oral and communication skills. References provide experience. Administrative Clerk These should submit their resumes, references and attend an interview. Resumes highlight their education, references confirm their qualifications, and the interview reinforces the two. Vice President of Marketing The applicant should submit a resume, references and undergo an interview. The resume introduces the applicant while the references confirm their experience. An interview reassures the employer that they have the right person for the job. Preschool Teacher In this case, interviews and references make an appropriate combination as interviews confirm their competence as hinted by the references. The references, on the other hand, confirm the

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