Economical strategy proposal during the presidential debates. Clinton as a Robin Hood

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Clinton as Robin Hood Since Bill Clinton has explicitly compared himself to Robin Hood on the 4th of September, the question of Robin Hood economics has returned to the political debate with force. ("Bill Clinton Defends ‘Robin Hood' Family Foundation," 2016) The Democrats have pitched their campaign on the premise that they will improve the poor American life by taking from the rich. Clinton says that her administration would focus on a system that Economy that works for everyone in America's society. The main proposal is to impose taxes on Wall Street. (Miller, 2016) In the current statistics, democrats and republicans do not differ much when it comes to the perfect tax rate with Republicans advocating for 33% and the Democrats 42%. Hillary Clinton's suggestion could push these figures to 65%. According to the Republican's candidate Donald Trump, such a rise will only contribute to further job losses in the US. ("Editorial voices from elsewhere," 2016) These systems proposed by Clinton involve the creation of new, good jobs with a rising income. Her policies include the creation of the jobs through investment in renewable energy, infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, concentrating on improving female livelihood, profit sharing, and developing small businesses. Also, she considers it an economic advantage to focus on family welfare such as the relationship between education, work, leave, and child care. ("FULL: Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton - First Presidential Debate 2016 - Hofstra University NY") The profit sharing segment which is the primary focus of the campaign is the essence of Robin Hood taxes and the call for ‘enhancing accountability' through

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