Economic Transformations

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Economic Transformations Colonial America up to 1700: There is a realization that this period saw an increased number of Europeans in the United State’s territory. Although many of the Europeans were much in association with colonial activities, there is an acknowledgment that their settlements came with various economic activities, such as the operation of shops, which saw the transformation of the United States in an indirect way. British America up to 1770: With time, there came to be a regard of the British Colonies in America as British Americans. After the declaration of independence, the British Americans came to possess more wealth than the rest of America. Such a turn of events led to economic transformations whereby; the Native Americans had to work hard to gain money while the British Americans appeared much settled with their wealth. The American Revolution: This aspect denotes the political upheaval that happened between the years 1765 to 1783 whereby; thirteen American colonists decided to reject the British Monarchy and aristocracy. The change brought about the destabilization of workforce and destruction of industrial property hence giving negative turns to the economic transformations, (Layton, 32). A New Nation (1781-1789): The American Revolution gave birth to the new nation which had pillars on peaceful existences. Such environment provided the Americans with the right atmosphere for conducting business and other economic engagements hence; enhancing the economic transformation. There were also the right channels of improving other economic transformation aspects such as stabilization of the currency and exchange rates hence positive enhancement to

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