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Ecology Student’s Name Institution Ecology Environmental Science Chapter 10 Section 1 Page 244 # 1-3 Describe the general diversity of species on Earth in terms of relative numbers and types of organisms. Compare known numbers to estimates. General diversity of the species is greater than ten million for the overall number of species. Known number of the species is 1.7 million. Describe the three levels of biodiversity. Which level is most commonly meant by biodiversity? The Species diversity –is the total number of species and number of the person in each species. The Genetic diversity- is the overall genetic information available in the genes of every species. The ecosystem diversity- refers to a diversity of species in the earth. Species diversity is commonly meant by biodiversity. Explain how biodiversity is important to ecosystems, and give examples of how it is important to humans Biodiversity is essential as it helps to have ecological stability. Biodiversity provide humans with economic commodities such as livestock, forestry, fish, and crops. Chapter 10 Section 2 Page 251 # 1-4 Describe four ways that species are being threatened with extinction globally. Species are threatened by disintegration invasion and habitat destruction, pollution and harvesting, and poaching. Define and give examples of endangered species and threatened species. The endangered species involves species which are susceptible to endangerment in some years to come. An example is grayed monitor lizard. Threatened species they are the species that contain a deteriorating population and are probable to be in danger of extinction if they are not safeguarded. A

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