Ecology Of Rivers And Coasts

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Trophic cascades in rivers by Doctor Mary Power, PhD The presentation chapter analyzes the various trophic feeding levels among aquatic animals. It explores how the interaction of herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores influence the habitats they live in. The presentation further explains how the animals naturally control their environment, for instance, animals influence the level of barrenness or plant cover on the soil. When there is a large population of animals, especially the herbivores, they feed more on vegetation along the trophic level which increases barrenness on land (Power N.p). On the other hand, other animals in the food chain influence their habitat and prey. Natural vegetation is also known to be influenced by many other factors including the climate and soil micro-organisms. Predation and hunger are also among the factors that controlled population. River ecosystems Water creatures such as fish, crabs feed on various foodstuffs in their habitats such as algae which grow on microscopic substances in water. Fish normally compete and move deep into the water to feed on algae which are extremely nutritious. The algae grow in abundance and faster in sunny pools as compared to shaded streams which not only have direct access to sunlight but also with plenty of nutrients. Therefore, to adapt to this phenomenon, water creatures such as cut fish are concentrated in sunny pools for feeding. Trophic cascades in rivers can be maintained by taking care of water shades which are the primary source of water and habitat for most creatures. A lot of biomass in most food chains is normally concentrated on lower levels of the food chain. For instance, in aquatic habitats,

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