Echoes from a Distant Battlefield

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Echoes from a Distant Battlefield Student’s Name Institution Echoes from a Distant Battlefield On July 13, 2008, NATO troops stationed in the village of Wanat were attacked by more than two hundred Taliban Guerillas in the Wanat district, Nuristan province of Afghanistan. The Taliban forces surrounded the remote base of the American troops, broke through the United States army defense lines and forced through to the main base. In this battle, nine American soldiers were killed with twenty-seven becoming seriously wounded in the battle. American soldiers lost their lives and several of them were seriously wounded. As such, the initial assessment illustrated by the Cubbison report that implicated the elite brigade chain of command is entirely accurate. This paper will critically analyze how these implications are justifiable based on the occurrences leading to the Wanat attack on the American troops. First and foremost, the American army decided to proceed with the administration of punishments to the two commanders responsible for the safety of the American troops in the Wanat War. As such, this signals a weakness that had been experienced in the American troop's chain of command that was responsible for the Wanat attack. Additionally, the Cubbison report indicated that surveillance, critical intelligence, and reconnaissance assets were channeled to other combat operations in different areas in Afghanistan which left the soldiers in the Wanat camp vulnerable to enemy attacks. In this case, according to the report, several top-ranking army officers failed terribly in the battlefield which eventually led to the death and several casualties in the Wanat attack of

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