ECHOCARDIOGRAPHIC . Exercise-induced electrocardiographic changes in patients with chronic respiratory diseases: differential diagnosis

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Exercised –Induced Electrocardiographic Student’s name Institutional affiliation Abstract The underlying aim of the study is to explain the changes that occur in exercises due to the pathophysiology of electrocardiographic (ECG) and the chances of patients being infected with coronary artery disease in those patients with CRD and have never shown any signs of having myocardial ischemia. Notably, the analysis of the possibility of occurrence of cardiac complications is important in rehabilitating the patients who have been diagnosed with chronic respiratory diseases. Analysis of capability of the cardiovascular system as well as ventilatory systems requires the application of cardiopulmonary exercise testing. The administration of CPET to patients diagnosed with chronic respiratory diseases also known as CRDs patients is traced to 1989 and it helps in determining the rehabilitation programs of a patient and it also assists in selecting the activities which are permissible in life. The data generated by several researchers show that the prevalence of ST depression have been recorded in patients who have never shown symptoms nor had records of coronary artery disease(Hirotani, Maekura, Okuda, et al (2003). Inferences The study was of great significance especially in advising the patients on the kinds of healthy exercises which are necessary for body fitness. In a patient who has been diagnosed with COPD to improve the tolerance of exercise, the exercise training proves to be the only effective option. The exercises are administered as one way of practicing respiratory rehabilitation. An effective and accurate analysis is done for patients with symptoms

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