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ECCLESIASTES Students’ name Instructor Course Date The Book of Ecclesiastes The Book of Ecclesiastes offers insightful lessons concerning the true human nature. The book teaches the readers the true meaning of life and how people can live it to the fullest. Several themes are discussed in this book, including the notion that all human behaviors and actions are embedded in selfishness. In Ecclesiastes (1:2), the narrator declares that everything we do would be in vain if the favor of God is not involved. Readers are advised to enjoy life’s daily pleasures in modest. For instance, routine undertakings like eating, drinking and assisting others should be considered as important as daily engagements of wealth creation. Solomon argues that all activities of human beings engage in are gifts from God and, therefore, should be considered as sources of joy and happiness. To this end, people should lead a life that pleases God as per the instructions of His Holy teachings. Through the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon gives a clear illustration of the emptiness of living only for materialism, power, pleasure, or intellectualism. To help us better understand the true meaning of this book, the Solomon develops discussions, to give his views a contemporary meaning of life. The teachings in Ecclesiastes are applicable to all peoples at any given moment in our history; its lessons are valid and much relevant to our lives. This is because Ecclesiastes espouses basic human truths and teachings on how one should live a noble and worthwhile life. Is Life Worthy Living? The challenges Solomon observes that people face in their daily lives make him question the purpose of life

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