Eating Disorder

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Eating Disorder Name Institution Eating Disorder Body image is the opinion one has when they look in the mirror or what they picture in their mind. It comprises of one's beliefs about their appearances like assumptions, generalizations, and memories, how they feel about their body in terms of weight, shape, and height. Individuals who think negatively about their body image have a high chance of having an eating disorder and are more probable to experience low self-esteem, obsessions with weight loss and depression. Prusky, Shear & Attia (2017) postulated that eating disorders are made up of severe disturbances in eating patterns, damaging efforts to manage body weight, and strange outlook on body shape and weight. It is common for teenagers to be concerned about their body image, particularly during adolescence. Dieting as an effort to develop body image is also typical. What can be abnormal about dieting is having unhealthy and severe restricting calorie ingestion. An eating disorder as stated by the DSM-IV-TR may be detected when one: there is a denial to retain body mass at or over a minimally standard weight for one's age and height. Two: when a person has a severe fright of becoming overweight, despite the fact that their body mass is normal. Three: there is a disorder in how one's body mass is experienced, excessive manipulation of body weight on self-assessment, or rejection of the gravity of the current low body weight (ter Huurne et al., 2015). In an intervention for the prevention of eating disorder one element that will be included is to minimize social pressures. Most people are influenced by what the society thinks. Trends such as women are more

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