Earthquake Essay Examples

The world changes every day, and none knows what to expect. Sometimes earthquakes happen and have different influences on people. It is the reason for earthquake essay to become a common topic for writing assignments. Teachers give such tasks for pupils and students not only to get the knowledge about the earthquake itself.

Essay on earthquake shows your thinking and the manner you share the ideas and describe the events. Remember to follow an appropriate structure while writing the documents, include some required facts, and always check data to avoid misunderstandings. Read the top samples of the earthquake essay below to know all the peculiarities of such type of writing and some necessary details to consider.

earthquake with over 250 organizations responding in comparison to the Rwanda genocide where the number of aid response was negligible (Evermeulen, 2013). Humanitarian interventions have been used by countries to exploit the natural resources. There are circumstances where states intervene in conflicts with a goal of establishing bargaining power by supporting some groups to access authority, whom they have to give preferential treatment to them. The approach makes the fight for human right a secondary priority whereas fronting selfish agendas of gaining the resources. There is a definite demonstration of bias on the desire to intervene in different conflicts in different states based on resources....