Early Settlers

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Name Tutor Course Date Early Settlers The state of Michigan, located midwest in America, has been habited by mankind for thousands of years, beginning with early Indian tribes like; Ojibwa, Menominee, Miami, Ottawa, and Potawatomi among others. The native population in the area was thought to be about 15,000 people. The Frenchman Étienne Brûlé who arrived from Québec City in1620 is acknowledged as the first European explorer in the area. The French would acquire the area from around 1668 by establishing trading posts like the one at “Sault Ste. Marie”, which marked the first European settlement in Michigan (Rubenstein, Bruce, and Ziewacz 34). Due to the very profitable fur trade in the area, the British began to take an interest, culminating in the French- Indian War, fought between British sponsored Indians and the French settlers. Russell notes that British victory at Québec in 1759 was assured by the surrender of the French to the Major Robert Rogers, and with it began the British reign of the area (Russell 23). To protect their fur trade, the British imposed stringent laws and discouraged immigration to Michigan; this was in contrast to the French who conducted their affairs in a relaxed manner. Despite this, early settlers from the north and the west trickled in as the mineral ores drew them in the area among other trading activities. Indeed, this influx of human population culminated in the Pontiac Rebellion, which was fought by the Ottawa tribe leader, Pontiac. A series of conflicts between the fledgling United States of America and the colonial Empire resulted in the American Revolution which had little effect in the area of Michigan. Even after the

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